Enneagram Videos

Types: Your Personality Revealed #4
The Instincts: Self-Preservation, Social and Sexual

Types: Your Personality Revealed #3
Enneagram Tritype

Types: Your Personality Revealed Enneagram TV Show #2
Our Research on the Types Self-Image and Core Fears

Our 2nd Enneagram TV show focuses on our research and reveals the Language each Enneagram Type uses to describe themselves, the Type's Core Fears and the Type's Self-Image as reported in over 15,000 questionnaires and Enneagram Tests.

Also included are the archetypal images sent in by each Enneagram Type to express their experience of being that Type.

Hosted by leading personality researchers David Fauvre, MA and Katherine Chernick Fauvre who can be found online at Enneagram.net

Types: Your Personality Revealed TV Show #1

Introduction to the Enneagram


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