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Which Enneagram Test is best for you?

Test results instantly provide critically important insights into your unique personality make-up. This includes patterns of behavior that influence every aspect of your life: your relationships, work and self image. Whether you want to find your Enneagram Type, Instinctual Subtype, Tritype or analyze your self image with the Enneastyle Questionnaire, you will find these tests are easy, accurate and fun to take.

Enneagram Explorations Enneagram tests are based on cutting-edge science. This includes computer analysis by software created for Enneagram Explorations by an MIT PhD expert in linguistic programming.

Additionally, these Enneagram testing instruments are based on statically validated research on the Instinctual Subtypes and what each Instinctual Type desires in intimacy. Katherine and David have conducted years of clinical research, hundreds of personal interviews, and have analyzed thousands of Enneastyle Questionnaires.

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Our Customers
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I cannot believe how correct my Enneagram Test results were! It was dead-on! I usually do not believe in these sorts of things, but something just told me to check it out. And I'm glad I did! Thank you!"
-Jeff G.

"I like your Enneacards Sampler Enneagram Test. The results were so true!"
-Elise B.

"I think that you were very on target about who I am. Thank you for the complete Enneagram Test."
-Melinda B.

I couldn't settle on my type. I thought I was 1,2, 4, or 8. The test indicated Type 6 which surprised me! I had never considered Type 6 before!! I reread the description of Type 6 and discovered that I am a Sexual, counter phobic 6!
Thank you!
- Aida M.

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Enneagram Test, Tritype™ Test & Instinctual Subtypes Test
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Free Enneagram Test take enneacards sampler now   learn more enneagram
7 minutes. This is a short, free Enneagram Test. For greater typing accuracy, to determine your Tritype and receive a complete Enneagram Type personality profile, take the $10 Enneagram Test below.
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Professional Enneagram & Tritype® Test -
(complete version-includes Tritype!)
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20 minutes. $10 Results Include Enneagram Type, Enneaspread, Tritype™, in a ten page Enneagram Personality Report and a 60min 'Intro to the Enneagram" mp3!
Click here to take a free tour of the complete Enneacards Test now!
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Instinctual Subtypes Test take enneacards sampler now learn more enneagram  
10 minutes. $8 Find your Instinctual Subtype stacking and receive a five page Instinctual Subtypes Personality Report!
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Professional Enneagram Test +
Instinctual Subtypes Test
Buy Tests  
40 minutes. Full Price: $18 Combo Price:$15 You save: $3 (17%)
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The Enneacards Sampler


enneacard 8
The Free Enneagram Test

(does not include Tritype)
About 10 minutes.
Ranking 6 sets of 3 Enneacards.
Results: Your Enneagram Type

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take enneacards sampler now

The Free Enneagram Test is a forced-choice ranking test based on the full, longer Enneacards Enneagram Test. The short results include your most likely Enneagram Type. The Enneacards Sampler is the first half of the complete Enneacards Enneagram Test. Both tests are based on scientifically validated research.

You can also request to have a copy of The Enneacards Sampler for your website.

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Enneacards Enneagram Test v.7


enneacards enneagram test


The Professional Enneagram Test and Tritype® Test

(results include your Enneagram Type, Enneaspread & Tritype®)
About 25 minutes, $10.
Ranking 14 sets of 3 Enneacards.

Results: Your Enneagram Type, a 10 page Enneacards Personality Report, & an mp3.

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Includes a 10+ page Enneagram Personality Profile report and a free Intro to the Enneagram audio mp3!

This complete Enneacards Enneagram Test, is much more accurate in determining your Enneagram Type than the short Enneacards Sampler Test.

In addition, the results of the complete Enneacard Enneagram Test feature a 1500+ word 10+ page report. This detailed report identifies your Enneagram Type, your Enneaspread, your Enneagram Tritype, (your dominant Enneagram Type in each of the three Centers: Head, Heart and Gut) and your Wing.

Also included in this personality report is an overview of what your Enneagram Type needs and avoids, your Type's virtue, vice, focus of attention, and famous people of your Enneagram Type.

This report outlines your unique spiritual journey and offers a special mantra to help you remember what your Type needs in times of stress to maintain psychological health.

Free Bonus!
In addition, at no additional cost, you will receive two audio mp3s–An 'Introduction to the Enneagram' (45 minutes).

Based on ancient wisdom and cutting edge psychological personality profiling, this in-depth report delves deeply into your inner self as well as the hidden forces that drive you. Discover the most important keys to unlock the power and potential of your personality.

This test is based on over a decades worth of research into the language and symbolism of Enneagram Type and analysis of thousands of Enneastyle Questionnaires.

The Enneacards Enneagram Test combines both archetypal visual imagery and the key words each Enneagram Type uses to describe their self image.

This information is invaluable for personal growth, self exploration, and to improve your relationship with yourself, family, friends and co-workers.

Understanding where you fit into the Enneagram's typology can provide the key to gaining new insight into your core motivations and attitudes.

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Customer Reviews of full length Enneacards Enneagram Test

"I have used the Enneacards Enneagram Test with lots of patients. They quickly and easily sort out my patients Enneagram type and their Instinctual Subtype and help the therapy to go much faster. Asking patients what words resonate for them allows me to interpret what is on their mind and gain valuable insights into what the clients issues are."
-Janet S., M.D., Type 9, Psychiatrist, Palo Alto, CA5 star enneagram review

" I have used the Enneacards Enneagram Test with family members and it has been SO helpful. It is a brilliant way to determine types. Again thank you for your work."
-Polly W., Type 4, Aspen, CO5 star enneagram review

"The Enneacard Enneagram Test is a lot of fun and very effective."
-Vonna, Type 4, Orange, CA5 star enneagram review

"Even after purchasing several Enneagram books in the last couple of years I still couldn't pinpoint my type. I just came upon your site and took your online Enneagram test and Instinctual Subtypes test. In but a few minutes, all the confusion has left my mind and my type was INSTANTLY obvious. Awesome technique. THANK YOU ! "
-Susan, Type 7, Ontario, Canada5 star enneagram review

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Instinctual Subtypes Test


instintual subtypes man


The Instinctual Subtypes Test

About 10 minutes. $8
25 multiple choice questions
Results: Your Instinctual Subtype stacking

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Sample Test Question:
I demonstrate love by:
Creating intimate time to bond with my partner.
Offering physical nurturing, care & protection.
Caring for and being of service to my friends & family.

Based on years of ongoing research, this test provides critically important insights into your 'instinctual self', the part of you responsible for your very survival. This research suggests that your Instinctual Subtype-- Self-Preservation, Social, or Sexual-- is the primary determinant of both relationship compatibility and your fundamental survival.

This test gives deep insight as to how you manage your relationships and work issues. It is recommend that this test is taken in conjunction with The Enneacards Enneagram Test if you do not already know your Enneagram Type.

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The Enneacards Test v.7 is based on scientifically validated research

David W. Fauvre, MA and Katherine Chernick-Fauvre, founders of Enneagram Explorations in 1996, have conducted ongoing research into the self-image and language use patterns of Enneagram Type for over fifteen years. This makes their Enneagram Tests the most accurate and empirically backed in the Enneagram field.

During this time, David and Katherine conducted thousands of Enneagram type interviews. Additionally they analyzed and collected over 3000 Enneastyle Questionnaires designed to elicit the self-image of each Enneagram Type and Instinctual Subtype. The initial research findings were published by Katherine in her best selling booklet, Enneastyle: The visual presentation & language inherent to Enneagram Type. The Enneastyle Questionnaire is the most accurate Enneagram Test every created. The test taker uses their own language to answer open ended questions like what is your greatest strength or use 5 adjectives to describe yourself to a stranger.

The Enneagram Type and Instinctual Subtype of each participant who filled out an Enneastyle Questionnaire was recorded. It quickly became apparent that regardless of gender, age, education, or even if English was a first language, that each Enneagram Type spoke in their own identifiable language. The implications of this discovery are staggering and go far beyond simply finding a way to make a better Enneagram Test. If we each use a specific lexicon set to describe ourselves, and this is based on our Enneagram Type, it suggests type is genetic and neurologically based.

After many years of analysis and individual interviews, Katherine became highly adept at predicting Enneagram and Instinctual Subtype based off of the words clusters found in each Enneastyle Questionnaire. Her accuracy is estimated at over 80% for each Enneagram Type or Instinctual Subtype. This is the highest accuracy of any Enneagram Test or Instinctual Subtypes Test ever developed.

The Enneastyle Questionnaire has been used in large financial institutions, including the Federal Reserve Bank, with major league sports teams, in high tech firms, by psychiatrists and psychologists, and by thousands of individuals.

In 2004, David oversaw the creation of a software program designed to test for word patterns in the Enneastyle Questionnaires. This custom software program, built for Enneagram Explorations, was based on the same computer algorithms used for data mining and to identify spam e-mail.

This special software was built by Dr. Michael Tsai, an MIT PhD computer programmer. Over the next two years, over 700 Enneastyle Questionnaires were analyzed revealing fascinating language use patterns by each Enneagram and Instinctual Subtype.

The results were nothing short of astounding. They revealed not only what Katherine had discovered in her clinical research, that each Enneagram Type and Instinctual Subtype describes themselves using identifiable word patterns as recognizable and unique as a thumbprint, but that the computer software could accurately predict Enneagram type up to 90% of the time.

This scientifically validated the language use patterns that had been revealed by analysis of the Enneastyle Questionnaire. This ongoing research has been the basis for The Enneacards Enneagram Test. The results of this scientific research has enabled the creation of highly accurate, easy to take and relatively short Enneagram Testing instrument.

To encourage people to feel at ease while taking The Enneacards Enneagram Test it was intentionally designed to look like a child's game. This was was done to avoid the complaints made about so many personality tests. That they are too long, tedious, confusing and often intimidating as they appear like college aptitude tests.

Additionally, the Enneacards Enneagram Test's unique configuration often also predicts Instinctual Subtype, wing, and the dominant Enneagram Type in each of the three Enneagram Centers: Head, Heart and Gut.

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