$25.00 USD

The Enneagram & Psychotherapy 2 hour professional lecture

Dive Deep into the 9 Types

This two hour lecture dives deep into the motivation, behavior and core fears of each Enneagram type from a psychological perspective. 

Discover professional tips, secrets and insights on working with each type 

Reveals key insights into each types defenses and how to create radical change and growth for each type. 

  • Learn the 9 enneagram types' deepest desires and greatest fears, and how to help each one heal.

  • Uncover the core motivations that drive each enneagram type, and gain insights to transform their inner lives.

  • Master the enneagram's insights into the psyche in this deep dive into what makes each type tick and how to reach them.

    Great for your own personal growth or as a tool to guide Enneagram Coaches and Psychotherapists when working with each type. 

    100% Money Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied.