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Unlock the Wisdom of the 3 Enneagram Centers of Intelligence

Unlock Your True Potential with the 3 Centers of Intelligence Webinar

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Have you ever felt there was more to you than meets the eye? Like your personality has hidden depths you've yet to fully explore? This webinar will open your eyes to the 3 core Centers of Intelligence within the Enneagram system that hold the keys to understanding yourself on a profoundly deeper level.

Taught by two of the world's top Enneagram experts, you'll discover how your personality type fits into one of the 3 Centers - Heart, Head or Gut. Going beyond surface-level descriptions, you'll gain little-known insights into the core motivations, fears and gifts unique to your Center.

The presenters' charts and frameworks will clearly show you how your type compares to the other two in your Center, revealing fascinating contrasts in how you all handle life's core issues. You'll walk away with an enlightened perspective on your true motivations, inner workings and untapped potential.

The lessons don't stop there. You'll also learn about your wing types, integration points, levels of development and more to construct a multi-dimensional map of your inner world.

With this webinar's unprecedented insights, you'll:
- Deepen your self-knowledge
- Discover your hidden talents
- Clear up misconceptions about yourself
- Relate better to others
- Unlock your full potential

I'm so confident this webinar will open your eyes to who you really are, I offer a full money-back guarantee.

Enroll now to begin your journey of self-discovery and become the person you were meant to be. The real you is waiting within.

What People Are Saying:

As an Enneagram teacher and coach, David is one of the greats! 

 He blends a deep knowledge of typology with profound empathy and intuition to yield penetrating insight into the human condition. Working with him deepened my self-understanding and propelled my personal growth. 

For anyone interested in growing their knowledge of self and others and improving their relationships through the lens of the Enneagram (and who isn’t?), I would recommend working with David.

CINDI BROWN, Enneagram Teacher