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Enneagram Typing Using Facial Features, Expressions and Word patterns!


Watch now to discover the secrets to typing and why most people incorrectly type themselves and others.

It will open your eyes to a revolutionary new typing method that teaches you how to type anyone at a glance.  

Do you struggle to type others? 

Imagine typing anyone accurately in seconds by observing their facial features, emotions, and word use.

Our exclusive Enneagram Typing method reveals how to do just that.

Newly expanded this exclusive course enables you to:
• Recognize the facial features, expressions, and words that reveal Type.
• Type others confidently at a glance
• Understand and avoid common typing errors

You'll get  immediate access to:
• A video course with decades of research and insights
• Two PDF Guides with the facial features and words that identify each Type.
• A bonus video to help you avoid mistyping, 'The Trouble with Typing'

With this newly expanded course you'll quickly master typing others easily based on their facial features, emotional expressions and word use.

Yours In Growth,
David Fauvre
Enneagram Explorations

This course has been expanded and updated.
It now includes a 21 page PDF Guide to the most used words by each type to make typing others even easier! And a free special bonus video, 'The Trouble with Typing' that reveals mistakes most people make when typing others.


And to ensure your success, we've included a 24-page PDF transcript highlighting the key facial traits of each type, research backed descriptions of each type in printable PDF form and a Guide with the traits and features to look for when typing using this method!

If you want to use the Enneagram to type others or yourself, this course unlocks the keys to accurate and easy typing. 

Master typing others and you can instantly use the Enneagram to improve your relationships at home, work and type your favorite celebrities! 

Don't miss out on the power of the Enneagram to improve your life. Discover how to accurately type anyone today. 

This course is filled with extras, over 2 hours of videos, and is a steal a this low price. Don't wait, learn to type now and be able to use the power of the Enneagram with anyone you meet.

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What People Are Saying:

As a longtime student of the Enneagram who has worked with many teachers, I can truly say that David’s material on how type manifests through facial features,  language and in the physical body is unique and valuable, an outstanding contribution to the field. 

CINDI BROWN PhD & Enneagram Expert