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Enneagram Inquiry with Byron Katie's 'The Work': Transform your thoughts today!

The Path to Peace and Freedom: How to break free from your Type’s Core Fears and Limiting Beliefs.

Transform your Core Fears into thoughts of Freedom and Peach with the  Enneagram and Byron Katie's  ‘The Work’ 

Discover how to find peace and freedom in life with this powerful method. The Path to Peace and Freedom reveals how Byron Katie's 4 Questions can help you break free from your Type's core fears and limiting beliefs. 

Enneagram expert David Fauvre guides you through using this transformative process to examine your type's anxieties and thought patterns.

You'll gain insights into your type's core fears and motivations and how to move beyond them.

 This transformation self paced course  provides a direct path to reducing anxiety, building confidence, and creating the life you truly desire.

Discover the freedom that comes from questioning your Type’s core beliefs and removing inner blocks.

Transform your life with this profoundly effective method that combines exclusive insights into your Type’s core fears and expert lead guidance on how to examine them through ‘The Work’ by Byron Katie. 

The Path to Peace and Freedom lights the way to becoming your best self. Get your copy and unlock your potential today!

Includes over 20 PDF guides to jump start your process and guide you to use this powerful method! 

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