$98.00 USD


Guiding The 9 Types To Change Masterclass

Individual Lessons for each type!

This course provides a personalized roadmap for the 9 Enneagram types to facilitate profound personal growth.

* Unlock each types potential and create lasting change with expert insights tailored to each Enneagram type.

* Gain clarity into each type's core motivations, fears, and growth opportunities.

Key insights on how to work with each type. Use the same insights for your own personal growth or with your coaching clients. 

Click here to see a free course video tour! 

Customize your journey of transformation with tips and tools specific to each type.

Over 5 hours and over 30 instructional videos. 

'As an Enneagram teacher and coach, David is one of the greats!

He blends a deep knowledge of typology with profound empathy and intuition to yield penetrating insight into the human condition and each Enneagram type. 

Working with him deepened my self-understanding and propelled my personal growth.'
Cindi Brown, PhD


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