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Science at an Enneagram Pro I: Tritype®

Certification Intensive

David Fauvre, MA and Katherine Chernick Fauvre Deliver
The World’s Most Scientifically Based Enneagram Certification Program Built On
Numerous Exclusives, 18 Years Of Empirical Research and over 20,000 test results.


The next EPro I will be held in Southern California • March 21st-26th, 2014
Location: Mary & Joseph Center • More info e-mail

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Whether you're a coach, a therapist or an Enneagram enthusiast, when you complete this clear, step-by-step certification, you'll find yourself…

  • Able to help people of any Enneagram Type, Subtype and Tritype combination; even the ones you used to feel less comfortable with
  • Always knowing what to do in any one-on-one session with the sensitivity to type people quickly based on their micro-expressions, facial archetype, body energy and word choices
  • Discovering the power and precision of the 27 Tritype® Archeypes
  • Become an expert on the 3 Instincts: Self-Preserving, Social and Sexual and understand how it's the Instinct that triggers your Type

Not the Same Old Enneagram:
Personal and Spiritual Growth You Can Rely On

For the first time since the 70s and 80s, the field of Enneagram practice is undergoing profound change. In short, scientific methods have caused it to take a quantum leap forward

David Fauvre, MA and Katherine Chernick Fauvre are leading this paradigm shift with their published research, analysis and tools for harnessing the true power of the Enneagram.


Certify in the World's Most Scientifically Rigorous Enneagram Training


Dear Enneafriends,

David and Katherine of Enneagram Explorations are making it possible for coaches, therapists and Ennea Enthusiasts to certify in the world's most scientifically rigorous Enneagram training programs.

"Katherine is a gifted teacher with superb presentation skills. She has a great command of different approaches to the Enneagram that gives her a unique perspective. We look forward to her continued contributions to the field."

—Don Riso and Russ Hudson

"In our opinion, David is an extraordinary teacher of the Enneagram. His presentation skills and teaching style show unusual intelligence and insight, as well as a natural talent for teaching."

—Don Riso and Russ Hudson

By request, David and Katherine have delivered advanced EPro trainings in Belgium, Denmark, France, Canada, the U.S. and Israel—home to some of the most progressive Enneagram communities. Join them for the next EPro I, the most advanced, progressive, and groundbreaking Enneagram training available anywhere.


EXCLUSIVE: Use Professional Typing and Reignite Your Enneagram Practice

EPro 1 distills 18 Years of Research… 1,000s of Coaching Sessions… 10,000s of Tests

David and Katherine conduct ongoing research into the self-image, the core fears, micro-expressions and language use patterns of the Enneagram Types. Their findings about self-image will challenge what you've likely read in books. While those books aren't necessarily wrong or obsolete, without the benefit of 15 years' worth of empirical research, they cannot take your personal or professional growth beyond where it is today.

2011 Western Association of Video Excellence Awards Finalist

So, why believe David and Katherine?

Because they're not on the outside looking in making up theories about the Types. Rather, their vast empirical data has eliminated the guesswork behind the motivations of each of the Types, Instincts and Tritypes. They can describe the self-image of every personality type found in the Enneagram based on the inner experiences thousands of real people have shared with them in face-to-face coaching sessions and in tens of thousands of online tests and questionnaire results.

As a result, by the time you complete EPro 1, your ability to type quickly and accurately will reach new heights because every tip, technique, and interaction you learn is vetted and grounded in scientific research.

In the process, you come away with everything you need to:

  • Uncover the needs, concerns, fears, avoidances and desires of every Type and Instinctual Type quicker than you ever have before
  • Apply coaching techniques for each type and be prepared for any kind of client
  • Manage conflict as well as build or restore rapport and never get caught off guard

Moreover, David and Katherine's Ennea style Questionnaires have revolutionized the field and you'll want to use their cutting-edge work in your own practice when you return because:

  • David and Katherine's questionnaires have achieved the highest accuracy at predicting Enneagram Type and Instinctual Subtype of any test ever developed, at over 90% (and you'll receive them when you come to EPro1 and learn how different Ennea Types self-identify by the words they use)
  • Their tools are used by financial firms, pro sports teams, high tech companies, psychiatrists and psychologists and thousands of individuals (plus,at EPro 1, you'll share in the "field wisdom" Katherine and David have amassed)

  "Katherine's research on EnneagramTritypes has been a huge contribution to the field and has given her the ability to deeply understand the unique nuances of human beings. She has taught me a great deal and I use her products and assessments with my clients on a regular basis. If you are looking for an expert on the Enneagram to present to your organization or a coach for your own personal development, I highly recommend Katherine."

—Diana Chapman, Advisor to Exceptional Leaders at

Seating is strictly limited… Claim your seat and…



As David and Katherine computerized and validated their Enneastyle questionnaires with Dr. Michael Tsai, an MIT PhD in computer science, they made some astounding discoveries…

The software accurately predicts Enneagram Type 90% of the time based on word patterns distinct to each pairing of Enneagram Type and Instinctual Subtype(you'll not only strengthen your understanding of how Type and Subtype interact, you'll start tore cognize language patterns in your own practice as soon as you get back from EPro 1)

  • The Enneacards Enneagram Test, while colorful and fun, also predicts your dominant Enneagram Type, Ennea spread,Wing, and your Tritype(and during your stay at EPro1, we reveal how to use Instinctual Subtypes to determine the dominant Enneagram Type so you can type professionally, rescue relationships and reliably grow your practice)

  "I attended David's Enneagram Tritype workshop in 2010 and I have to say it was probably the best course that I have been on in my life (and I have done a lot of courses). David is highly skilled, professional and easy to work with. He works very well in combination with Katherine and they have a great deal of well researched knowledge on personality types to share. I have no hesitation in recommending David to you."

—Andrew Berger, VP Europe, Riverwood Solutions, Switzerland


EXCLUSIVE: Uncover Your Clients' Deepest Motivations with the In-Depth Inquiry Process™

When David and Katherine work one on one with clients, they ask a question on a question. And once you learn this simple technique at EPro 1, you might be surprised at how you:

  • Get your clients to share their internal experience (with no interference from the conscious mind)
  • Encourage clients to reveal their unconscious motivations (with little or no effort on their part… or yours)
  • Make change work simple, powerful and rewarding for both you and your client

  "Katherine is fabulous as a coach (In-Depth Inquiry Process), trainer and person. She has sharp intellect and a big, caring heart. Her intuition is unbelievably strong and she knows the Enneagram as no other teacher I have ever met. She helped me tremendously in my personal growth. If you are serious about getting to know yourself in all honesty, she is your coach!"

—Sandra De Clercq, Owner, Match@Work



EXCLUSIVE: Type Your Clients on the Subtlest Cues & Stand Out Among Your Peers

Without precise typing, it's hard to make positive changes in your life… or in the lives of others. Many coaches and therapists use free and unscientific Enneagram tests and they're only accurate for some people, some of the time. If you rely solely on these methods to type, you're missing out on the revealing subtle cues you can use before you even hand your client a questionnaire.

When you type with the extended EPro methodology, you...

  • Recognize your client's type instantly from the words they use from the first time you talk together on the phone (as they guide you to their Type in a natural, effortless way)
  • Identify your client's body type and energy field as soon as you lay eyes on each other(accurate typing made faster, easier and more intuitive)
  • Pick up on the tiniest changes in facial micro expressions and understand how it reveals type—in the moment—and be viewed by your clients as a master typer (David and Katherine have studied the work of Paul Eckman who has taught the recognition of facial micro expressions to groups nationwide)
  • Recognize the visual archetypes of each Enneagram Type and validate what you've sensed for years but couldn't quite put your finger on as you learn to pinpoint exceptions to the rule (like 3's have chiseled features and 8's, a prominent jaw)

With this richer palette, you have the skills and confidence to pinpoint each Type, Instinct and Tritype combination and help them make profound changes in their lives… as well as your own.

Synthesis Endorsement from Enneagram Monthly

"Katherine has the ability to synthesize material from a variety of sources and to organize it in a way that offers cohesion and insight....she has made a point to study with everyone who has taught this topic, including conducting her own research...."

—Enneagram Monthly

And it's available only at EPro1...

Seating is strictly limited… Claim your seat and…



EXCLUSIVE: Discover Your Tritype® and Realize Why You Have 3 Enneagram Types not just one...

You and everyone you meet has 3 Enneagram Types, not just one. In fact, you have one in the Head (567) center, one in the Heart (234) center, and another in the Gut (891). Though a single type dominates, we use the other two in a consistent order.

As you explore your own Tritype at EPro 1, you'll find it…

  • Reveals your natural strengths, life's purpose and blind spot to personal growth so you can avoid getting locked into self-defeating patterns
  • Richly types in ways you could not using single points (watch your clients and loved ones make lasting breakthroughs and send referrals your way)
  • Demistify how an 874 can be fast-paced, optimistic, and emotional while an 826 more dutiful, loyal and helpful as you expand your comfort zone working with different Tritype combinations
  • Uncovers why 126, 216 and 612all focus on helping others even when their dominant types differ (allow this principle to create lasting harmony in your circles)

  "Katherine and David's work on the Tritype is fresh, innovative and illuminating. Even those well acquainted with the Enneagram will be surprised at the precision of this approach in identifying key features of the personality. Highly recommended!"

—Russ Hudson,Sexual 548, coauthor, The Wisdom of the Enneagram

From: Chris Zachos
Subject: Tritype, Your Research & Thank You
Date: August 22, 2011 6:21:33 AM PDT

Dear David and Katherine,

Of all the contemporary Enneagram researchers I have followed, you two are truly the best... Tritype is, in my opinion, the most useful piece of Enneagram research I have come across. There isn't a ton of research out on Tritype, but your write-ups prove people can traverse the Enneagram in other ways. So now that I have a strong understanding of my personality, I am very excited to learn more!

—Chris Zachos, Enneagram Enthusiast


Your Core Survival Strategy Explained: The 3 Instinctual Subtypes

As a matter of survival, three all-pervasive forces determine nearly everything we think, feel and do. All three are present in each of us and one predominates. They are:

  • Self-preserving: you focus mainly on your own physical survival
  • Social: you equate survival with connecting to others and a sense of belonging
  • Sexual: you see intimate bonds in one-to-one relationships as the key to survival

When you recognize these forces in yourself and others and realize how they can exert a greater influence on behavior than a person's dominant Enneagram Type, you begin to appreciate just how far this can take you…

  • Free yourself from the tyranny of your most primal drives and help others do the same as you confirm your dominant instinctual subtype and explore how it uses the other subtypes to forge survival strategies at different times in your life
  • Bridge the gap between motivation and behavior in yourself and others as you learn how the Instinctual Subtypes and the Enneagram Types work together
  • Discover what really motivates your clients to seek coaching or therapy as you help them resolve the misunderstandings eroding their relationships

  "The Enneagram's subtypes are the key to understanding the wide variations that exist among people with the same personality style. Katherine Chernick has done impressive original research on the subtypes. She presents what she's learned with insight, clarity and passion, earmarking the material's practical applications while making the subtypes really come alive."

—Thomas Condon




Yes, enroll me in David and Katherine's EPro 1 Certification Program!
I am ready and very excited to master professional Enneagram typing, Tritype, the Instincts, the In-Depth Inquiry Process and the Core Motivation of each Type and much more during 5 unforgettable life-changing days.


I understand that:

  • I will be training with David Fauvre, MA and Katherine Chernick-Fauvre
  • I will be training over 5 incredible days so I will have the skills of an authentic, highly capable Enneagram professional and greatly increase my awareness of myself and others, and about Type, Tritype®, professional typing and the 3 Instincts: Self-Preservation, Social and Sexual
  • I will be taught exclusives taught only by Katherine & David including Tritype®, the In-Depth Inquiry Process®, why the Instincts are a biological imperatives andexpert typing techniques including typing by facial micro expressions and word patterns and using the Enneacards Enneagram Tests (the most accurate Enneagram Test and the only test that determines Tritype)

    If you have questions about registration please contact

    The total cost of the Training is $1,895 including room, board, and materials binder or $1595 for meals and materials only.

    Early Bird Discount:
    Registrations made before February 15, 2014 save $100 for a total cost of $1,795. This discount will be refunded when you pay in full. You can pay in full now or pay a $500 non-refundable desposit. To get the early bird discount you must pay the desposit or in full before the date above.

    $500, non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot.
    $1895, includes room and board; $1795 for those registered before 2/15/14
    $1595, meals only; $1495 for those registered before 2/15/14