"When all is known, all is forgiven."

"The goal of lasting happiness shines forth fully only when the limited ego, with all its desires, finds it complete and final extinction." – Meher Baba


Discover How To Use the Instincts, Enneagram, and Tritype® for spiritual Transformation and Go Beyond Your Ego To Reveal Your Soul's Journey through the Planes of Consciousness.


Exclusive: Previously, this information was only available to those Katherine and David privately mentored. They masterfully integrate the Enneagram with the ancient wisdom traditions placing the final piece in the puzzle of personal growth and spiritual transformation.


The Enneagram & Spirituality Intensives:
Part III: July 29th-Aug 3th, 2014
Start Time Each Day: 10am
End Time Each Day: 8pm

Location: 'The Casa Retreat Center' La Quinta, CA
30 minutes from Palm Springs Airport


Due to limited space,this intensive is strictly limited to 20 people.
We expect it to sell out quickly.

Special Note From Our David & Katherine

This year we have the special opportunity to host E&S I and III at David's father's beautiful home in La Quinta. It is 30 minutes from the Palm Spring's Airport. The home is next to the world class La Quinta Resort with pools, tennis courts, restaurants and surrounded by hiking trails and the famous Santa Rosa Cove Mountains. Come enjoy the crystiline desert!


At the Enneagram & Spirituality Intensive, you will…

    • Learn why your Instinct is the root of suffering and yet the key to enlightenment
    • Discover what each Enneagram Type reports they need on the spiritual path
    • Learn how to manifest the Holy Ideas of types in your Tritype
    • Make sense of your Soul’s journey through the Planes of Consciousness
    • Work with the alignment between the Enneagram and Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
    • Experience the joy and healing of daily Energetic Healing Circles
    • Hike and enjoy great food and company in the southern California desert

Special Note From David & Katherine

Dear Friends,

Katherine and I are devoted seekers. We have studied the Enneagram, spirituality, and ancient spiritual traditions for over 30 years. When we met, our spiritual journeys took off bringing new dimensions to our individual work and profound insights into the nature of reality, growth and healing.

Together, we have visited the ashrams of Perfect Masters and studied their work. Our travels have taken us to the ashrams of Meher Baba, Sai Baba, Ammachi, and Mother Meera. In addition, we have studied in-depth with Perfect Master David Cousins. We follow the Universal Path of Truth and Love.

With these associations and experiences we learned to go beyond the common understanding of spirituality and the Enneagram. As a result, this intensive offers a unified paradigm of spiritual and personal growth unavailable anywhere else.

This material radically changed our lives and those we have mentored, and we have long wanted to share it with a group of like-minded Enneagram enthusiasts.

This is the first of many such intensives. Our hope is that those who attend can bond and join together to offer one another support, guidance and fellowship both during and after the intensive.

We look forward to sharing our work with you.

David & Katherine


Enneagram & Spirituality 1 Graduation Group 2012


Soul, Energy, Instinct, & Tritype™: The 4 Elements of Consciousness

Have you ever wondered why the Enneagram is considered a tool for spiritual growth?

I have. It's fundamentally a model of the Core Fears and Motivations of our Ego structures.

So how is that spiritual?

The answer lies in understanding two key concepts.

First, what keeps us rooted in suffering is the illusion that we are separate.

Second, it is our growing beyond our identification with our Instinct and Enneagram Type and Tritype that is the key breaking the egos illusion of separateness and to living life from our Soul's purpose.

Endorsement from Ph.D. student and
Enneagram Enthusiast Sterlin Mosley

"Katherine's skill in working with spiritual concepts is unlike any teacher or therapist I've ever worked with. Having achieved a remarkable amount of spiritual clarity herself

I found that her knowledge and expertise of the great wisdom traditions opened up a world of spiritual discovery that had been locked inside of my own egoic fixations.

Not only is Katherine a skilled master of the Enneagram but she is also able to extend that mastery into the Divine, and has created a lasting shift that I am forever grateful for. I am continually amazed at the depth and breadth of her knowledge and her ability to penetrate the defenses and reach the essence of the soul." - Sterlin Mosley, M.H.R. (Owner, CEO Insightful Innovations, LLC)

Discover What Your Type Needs on the Spiritual Path
Research, surveys and clients have revealed that each Type and Tritype has a unique journey along the spiritual path.

    • Discover what your Type and Tritype needs to accelerate growth along the spiritual path.

    • Find the path that is right for your Type to spiritually grow easily and more quickly.

Your Instinct is the Key To Spiritual Growth

The 'Instinctual Self' is the more primal aspect of personality; the anchoring counter balance to the higher spiritual 'Essential Self.'

Rooting us in the dualistic world of ego consciousness, one's 'Instinctual Self' demands that we distort and habitually overuse one of three survival strategies: Self-Preservation, Social or Sexual.

Like a guardian at the gate of heaven, one's dominant instinct insures one's fundamental survival in the physical world but in so doing can block the way on one's spiritual path.

Spiritual transformation occurs when one is able to balance, release and transform one's instinctual nature into it's higher opposite, one's essential nature.

Discover the latest, research on the spiritual aspects of the three Instinctual Types representing the “Instinctual Self’.

    • Learn how your ‘Instinctual Self’ triggers your more reactive nature, acting as both an asset and a liability to the 9 Enneagram Personality Types.

    • Learn what the 3 Instinctual Types and 9 Types revealed were the obstacles to spiritual progress.

    • Practice simple methods to release the tyranny of your Instinct to allow you to feel the joy of being ‘present’ to your higher ‘Essential Self.”

David and Katherine talk about Tritype and Ego Transformation

Holy Ideas by Tritype Archetype
Learn how to embody the highest manifestation of your Tritype when you come from Essence and not ego. 

What are the Holy Ideas?

The Holy Ideas represent the Higher Mind and non-dual aspects of Being. Each Holy Idea also has a corresponding Virtue. The Virtues are Essential qualities of the heart. When one is awake to their true nature one can see reality as it actually is rather than through the lens of the ego.

By understanding the Holy Ideas of the types in your Tritype you can experience and allow the Divine States of Knowing; executing what is true in the moment without attachment.

    • The Holy Ideas and Virtues of the types in your Tritype more fully reveal your soul's higher archetypal purpose.

    • Discover, each Tritype’s higher purpose.  For example, why the 358 is focused on knowing and perfecting the truth: Holy Law, Holy Omniscience and Holy Truth.

Discover How the Enneagram Symbol Aligns with Campbell’s Hero’s Journey to reveal the path to Spiritual Growth

The movement of the Types in a clockwise direction from Type 1 to Type 9 aligns with Joseph Campbell’s Right Hand Path. Here, individuality gives way to developing a social role for the purpose of security through belonging in groups like family and company. 

Moving along the Enneagram counter-clockwise from Type 9 to Type 1, aligns with Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey,’the Left Hand Path of growth and spiritual initiation. On the Left Hand Path, we seek to fully express our individuality and essence as we travel along our own unique Hero’s Journey.

Whatever your focus has been, at this intensive you’ll…

  • Discover how each Type archetypally represents a station on the path of initiation and personal growth on Campbell’s Hero’s Journey
  • Illuminate and give meaning to your Hero’s Journey and personal growth in a new way that gives rich meaning and value to one’s struggles.

When Katherine told me about the Planes of Consciousness, this opened a whole new perspective for me to look at myself, personal growth, typing people and life in general.

It is a crucial key to understand yourself and others and now I even wonder how I could help myself and others before I knew the about the Planes... It is that deep and essential.

Combining the Planes of Consciousness with the Enneagram is extremely powerful to understand the way your personality and soul interact.

I believe it is impossible to fully understand an individual if you don't see the plane of consciousness they are functioning on. Seeing this gave me way more compassion for others because I understand why they are doing what they are doing.

It has had the same effect as learning about the Enneagram; it brought understanding and kindness.

The Enneagram is about the psychological path and the Planes of Consciousness are about the spiritual path. Realizing that we are all spiritual beings made it clear to me that the Enneagram can not explain everything and that we need the Planes of Consciousness to attain full understanding. It changed my life in a very profound way and brought me more in touch with my true Essence, my Soul.  

Sandra De Clercq,
Owner, Match@Work Professional Coaching


God Speaks, by Meher Baba

The Planes of Consciousness of the Soul:
Each soul is born on a specific Plane of Consciousness with karma and duties to perform. Understanding this can give meaning to one’s life.

This model of Meher Baba’s work has the power to instantly and permanently change your understanding of your life, suffering, and what your personal gift is to the world.

    • Learn more about your soul’s journey from evolution to involution

    • Learn why a Type 2 on the 3rd plane of consciousness can seem like a Type 3 or 8

    • Learn why an 8 on the 4th Plane of Consciousness is compassionate and empathetic whereas an 8 on the 3rd plane is our stereotype of the tough, powerful, 8.


Energetic Healing Circles each Day
Enjoy the bliss of healing energy in the group as lead by Katherine and David, trained energetic healers.


Yes, enroll me in David and Katherine’s 5 day Enneagram & Spirituality (I or III) Retreat!

Retreat Registration Fee: $1,595 US

Your registration fee includes lunch and dinner and the training room at the Casa. It does not include overnight lodging. Please contact the La Quinta Resort to book your room. The fees this time of year are low particulary if you share a room.

Staying at the La Quinta Resort

The resort will be in off season and a great price. We recommend you call them directly and ask for their lowest price. The hotel rooms and restaurants are walking distance from the training retreat.

Travel: If you are flying in, it is recommended you fly into Palm Springs Airport or if you are renting a car into the Ontario Airport. The Ontario Airport is a 90 minute drive and you will need a car to get to the retreat as it's too far for a taxi. It is often less expensive than the Palm Springs Airport which is 30 minutes away by taxi.

Please choose the deposit or full training fee below.



Khai from Malaysia on the final day after putting his
fears and concerns into the fire during the final group ceremony.