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Enneagram Coaching & Training Endorsements

"Katherine and David personalized a two day Enneagram workshop for Nancy, Mika and myself. It was experiential and tailored for personal growth.

Katherine has an energy that is authentic and transformative. She is so attuned to the human personality, instincts, fears and motivations that she is "dead on" in her assesments and her suggestions. She has integrated many lifetimes of knowledge in two decades of study. She is not afraid to share her own humaness and vulnerability.

David has an empathetic identification with all Enneagram Types. He is sensitive, introspective and facilitating. There is a warmth and sharing that is palpable. He is soulful, analytical and always "tuned in".

They have had a profoundly positve effect on myself, my marriage and my spirituality. I will always be grateful.

Steve Purdom, MD
Retired Fortune 200 Executive Vice President and Physcian
Self-Preservation 3

"Dear Katherine,
Not a day goes by that I don’t reflect on the time I spent with you. I sincerely hope you know what a profound positive effect you had on my life through Enneagram Life Coaching . For the first time in my life, I can understand my motivations and predict my response to various situations. I still have a lot to discover, and I look forward to each new day. Thank you once again."
Derrek Alexander
Flight Nurse
, Sexual 7

"Having an Enneagram Life Coaching session with Katherine was like clearing the air. I found it more helpful than any counseling session I have ever done. With great sensitivity and a unique perspective on many different approaches, Katherine cut right to the chase and offered an insightful, fresh perspective that was immediately applicable. I loved her laser-beam understanding of what I needed and her direct approach."
Makeup and Skin care
, Sexual 2

"Katherine Chernick Fauvre has been a very helpful teacher and Enneagram Life Coaching for me these past 5 or so years, working with me to understand better and deal with the major issues keeping me from achieving my greatest personal and professional satisfaction and success. Her style is both provocative and supportive and she brings a freshness and enthusiasm to the moment which provides new resources to clarify and act on what is most needed at the time. She seems to have an encyclopedic knowledge of human personality and motivation, combining the best and brightest of her own and others' expert knowledge and experience. I recommend her for anyone hoping to grow in self-knowledge and compassion, as well as develop their full potential in their close relationships, professional careers and interpersonal dynamics"
Bruce Love
Author and CEO

"I had a really great coaching session with Katherine (which was a sort of gift she offered me, lovexsaidxno, detach, and Kawaii). I really like her and think she's a knowledgeable teacher, and is even someone I would now consider a friend. David Fauvre is great too.

We primarily discussed my tritype and how my tritype fixations play into my life. Katherine is a sexual 8w7 and is extremely good at penetrating deeply into issues. She has a knack for staying present with you while you process emotions and is very stabilizing. The 8 energy is palpable when working with her and it's good for someone like me who has a tendency to stay trapped between the heart and head centers.

We discovered that my social variant is actually more of a fixation than my 4 stuff. I tend to rely on my social/anti-social orientation and it causes a bit more tension in my life than the general 4 stuff. We also figured out that I have fairly equal 4 and 5 fixations, which help explain why I identify so readily with 5. One of the best moments of the coaching was when Katherine chi sled down my tritype focus to needing special (4), information (5), that is accurate and correct (1). When she said that it was like a light bulb went off. I do want to have special information and I want it to be accurate. My social variant wants to be recognized and valued for that information (5,3), and when I'm not it feels like a rejection (4).

We also determined that I have fairly equal wings, but that the influence of 5 in my life is so prominent because of my 4-5-1 tritype, and the fact that social variant 4's tend to be more head centered than the other variants). I originally thought I was 4-1-5, but I can see now that the 5 is relied upon much more heavily than the 1, so much so it's a daily fall back center. Nonetheless if I look back on my life I can see alternating periods of 5 wing and 3 wing. I think I have a tendency to lean more on my 5 wing and demonize my 3 wing but both play out at different times.

Anyway, Katherine is a very skilled and intuitive teacher, and the way she works with the enneagram is unparalleled to most approaches. She has gathered so many different approaches and developed her own really unique way of approaching it which was refreshing. I recommend if anyone ever has the chance to consider a coaching session with her. I can also see if you were ever unsure of your type she would be really great at helping you pinpoint your fixation concerns."
Posted on the discussion forum
Posted - 13 Aug 2008 : 12:39:36 PM Sturgeon48 Member USA 3389 Posts

Katherine Fauvre is a talented and remarkable Enneatherapy Coach. My coaching experience was incredibly insightful and helped me to reach new levels in my own personal development and integration.

Her seemingly seamless and intuitive integration of a variety of different disciplines really helps to formulate the session so that you get the most from your time with her. I found myself feeling completely at ease with Katherine. I was able to open up and allow some of my own unconscious reactions to come to light with Katherine’s penetrating Gestalt like inquiry style. She allowed me to go deeper without seeming intrusive or nosy and gave ample space for me to explore some deeper motivations without feeling inundated with psycho-babble or heavy handed diagnostic proclamations.

The after effects of the session are quite remarkable. Days after our session I still found myself peeling away layers that allowed me to see my Enneagram style at work in a variety of different settings. The depth of our session was unlike any other therapeutic session I’ve had. Her melding of various psychological, spiritual, and intellectual schools of thought made it easy to relate to her on many levels.

Katherine has a knack for remaining present during the entirety of a session. She also helped me to pull back the dusty layers of time to trace my own development and see my own entrenched patterns through the course of my lifetime, while still championing my strengths and positive attributes.

Despite the seriousness of the subject matter, Katherine’s intensity is never foreboding or intimidating but rather helps to bring strength in order to explore deeper issues. Her knowledge and years of research create a normalizing effect that helped me to feel more at ease with things I thought were odd, and creates a gentle dismantling of negative narcissism that can create the false belief that creates messages like “I thought I was the only one…”.

The intuitive way she uses the Enneagram helped me to explore otherwise rejected psychological subject matter and allow healing to begin. I would recommend her services to anyone who has a desire to explore deeper and start on the road to profound psychological and spiritual change.
Sterlin L. Mosley
Graduate Psychology Student, Social 4

"Katherine is a gifted educator. She has  allowed me to see so many of the strengths and challenges present in my ever phobic 6-ness.

As I have studied the Enneagram on my own, it is Katherine who has been the teacher that has brought this system  to life for me. She has an uncanny ability to ask the critical questions, make the astute observations, and also to encourage the inherent 'leap' that is required to really make a change in one's behavior.  

During  our time together she uses her deep empathy in conjunction with a wry sense of humor to open up new ways of being in the world. I've learned about the core wounds of each Enneagram type and the path to healing and growth.

Katherine is a treasure and a very knowledgeable guide along this path called life."
Mary G. Anderson
Life Management Consulting

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