Enneagram, Instincts and Spirituality

Enneagram, Instinctual Subtypes and Spirituality

Research Findings

# Spiritual Desire Spiritual Block Focus, Need and Learned
1 Relax
Fear of being wrong Focus on getting it right but make errors in judgment by being narrow minded.
Need to learn, improve, get it right and be appropriate.
Learned to understand obsessive behavior, compulsions, critical voice, recognize own rigidity, to be less judgmental, to be more accepting and to find some serenity.
2 Freedom & Healing Fear of Loneliness Focus on giving to others but remain needy and fearful.
Need to seduce others and be in relationship to feel secure, move towards others.
Learned more about self, own emotional responses, my different relationships with spouse, friends family and associates and hidden need to manage others perceptions.
3 Sincerity & Awareness Fear of not doing Focus on success but remain unaware of not having an accurate self-image.
Need clarity, focus, to be polished and have a successful presentation.
Learned to recognize own deceit and falseness, mimicry, adopted image and need to adapt to maintain the image of success and need for a spiritual role to emulate.
4 Self Discovery & Connection Fear of no meaning Focus on sensitivity and depth but remain unaware of indifference and sophistry.
Need spiritual connection, personal growth and self-development.
Learned compassion and acceptance for self and others, emotional organization, manage disorientation, see inner patterns, driving forces and focus on spiritual ideal.
5 Insight & Guidance Fear of obligation Focus on being knowledgeable but remain ignorant of the truth of emotions.
Need clear mind, to acquire knowledge, avoid obligation and entanglements.
Learned tolerance, to be aware of avoiding engagement and personal orientation to the world and patterns of behavior, peace without deadness or complacency.
6 Rapport & Faith Fear of being mislead Focus on being loyal & dutiful but remain unaware of disloyal or persecuting actions.
Need to question, be safe, supported, encouraged, manage anxiety and survive.
Learned to know and understand self & others, personal challenges, be realistic, uncover strengths, to be non-judgmental and that duty is fear of being cast out.
7 Balance & Depth Fear of disappointment Focus on the bright side but remain in the dark about own negative emotions.
Need satisfaction, equality, freedom, to see spirituality as a journey.
Learned to listen, avoid pitfalls, to go deeper, hidden desire to have control, to make better choices, to be proactive rather than reactive and wholeness.
8 Compassion & Sensitivity Fear of being manipulated Focus on truth and justice but remain in denial about playing with the truth.
Need truth, respect, to know where others are coming from, what makes them tick.
Learned to be more conscious of tendency to dominate, intimidate, to be compassionate with self and others, to feel joy instead of just pleasure.
9 Wholeness & Forgiveness Fear of being uncomfortable Focus on seeing all points of view but remain unconvinced by any.
Need to be relaxed, a buffer, have peaceful relating, be harmonious and in union.
Learned why I don?t cope with conflict, hidden apathy, indifference and judgment, tendency to be swept away, automatic default of inaction and disguised resentment.


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