Enneagram Explorations Endorsements

Katherine Chernick Fauvre

"Katherine has my endorsement as a friend, a fellow teacher and as a star presenter."
Helen Palmer

"Katherine is a dedicated student and teacher of the Enneagram. I hold her in high regard. Her interest in the internal style of type and the connected instinctual subtype behaviors make her a leader in the field. Virtually everyone can benefit substantially from her classes and workshops."
David Daniels, M.D.

"Katherine is a gifted teacher with superb presentation skills. She has a great sensitivity to her audiences, a sparkling presence, and a command of different approaches to the Enneagram that gives her a unique perspective on the subject. We highly recommend her work and look forward to her continued contributions to the field."
Don Riso and Russ Hudson

"Katherine is a delight in the Enneagram world. Building on her vast experience with all the major Enneagram schools, she does highly original work both with integrating the schools of thought and with subtypes. We recommend her work highly."
Kathleen Hurley and Theodorre Donson

"The Enneagram's subtypes are the key to understanding the wide variations that exist among people with the same personality style. Katherine Chernick has done impressive original research on the subtypes. She presents what she's learned with insight, clarity and passion, earmarking the material's practical applications while making the subtypes really come alive."
Thomas Condon

"Katherine has the ability to synthesize material from a variety of sources and to organize it in a way that offers cohesion and insight....she has made a point to study with everyone who has taught this topic, including her own research...."
Enneagram Monthly

"Katherine Chernick is a top enneagram researcher and original thinker who has made the enneagram really useful for leaders in business and law. She's a terrific, imaginative teacher and I highly recommend her work.
Michael Goldberg, J.D.


David W. Fauvre MA

"In our opinion, David possesses a great deal of insight into our work and is an extraordinary teacher of the Enneagram. His presentation skills and teaching style show unusual intelligence and insight, as well as a natural talent for teaching."
Don Riso and Russ Hudson
Enneagram Institute
Authors of 'The Wisdom of the Enneagram'

“Creative, insightful and astute, David Fauvre is both an original researcher and an excellent teacher. His work encompasses many mediums, from in-person instruction to the effective use of video, audio and online expressions of his highly distinctive work with the Enneagram.”
Tom Condon, Sexual 6
Enneagram Author and Trainer

“David is bright and affable with a presence that communicates authenticity and trustworthiness. He is a persuasive presenter always in command of his subject and in excellent communication with his audience. He is impressive in his ability to balance creative independence with collaborative team work. David's very presence is an asset to any project or organization to which commits.”
Ed Morler, Social 8
CEO, Morler International

“I attended David's Enneagram tritype workshop in 2010 and I have to say it was probably the best course that I have been on in my life (and I have done a lot of courses). David is highly skilled, professional and easy to work with. He works very well in combination with Katherine and they have a great deal of well researched knowledge on personality types to share. I have no hesitation in recommending David to you.”
Andrew Berger, SP 7

“I have attended many Enneagram Exploration seminars and found David Fauvre to be an extremely knowledgeable, passionate and intuitive Enneagram instructor, providing the Enneagram student insights into human behavior and motivation that are both cerebral and palpable. The depth of work he and his wife, Katherine, have created is unique and should be experienced by anyone seeking personal growth.”
Joanne Fanizzio, SP 1

“David Fauvre has a profound knowledge of human psychology. Besides he is an innovative thinker and developer of the Enneagram as a tool for personal development. Recommended!”
Cees de Voogd, SP 1,
Enneagam Author and Trainer
"David obviously lives and practices the wisdom of the Enneagram and so models it as well"
Sheila Martin Chan, MA

Instinctual Subtypes Workshop Reviews
Writing on behalf of the NCIEA Board, I want to thank both of you for a superlative program last Saturday.(on the Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes)

We held a Board meeting immediately following your program and to a person the comments on the morning were very positive.

You were extremely well prepared, you presented many rich insights, you interacted well and often with the participants, you varied the modality of instruction, and you gave of yourselves unstintingly during
breaks and after the program ended."

Northern California
International Enneagram Association
Board of Directors

“Incredible course, I am so glad I went to it, I learned so much, it was extraordinary! A ton of information in a short amount of time. I got to ask lot’s of questions and learn a lot, for me it was fantastic!”
Janet Spraggins, M.D.,
Psychiatrist, Menlo Park, CA

I'm still trying to assimilate all the information and impressions. Thank you so much for a truly inspiring workshop!
Polly Whitcomb
Aspen, CO

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