Borderline Personality Disorder Coaching
for those in relationship with someone with BPD. 

Borderline Personality Disorder Coaching for those in relationship with someone with BPD. 

If you are in a relationship with someone with BPD you by definition need support. 

If you are a family you will have questions about how to manage the constant crisis situation. You will want to understand your loved one’s mental disability and how to protect them and yourself. Their behavior will baffle you. I can help you understand their behavior even if there is no way to change it. Changing ourselves and our response to our loved one with BPD is usually our best first choice of action. And that takes education and a guide to accomplish. 


BPD is a highly complex personality disorder. As a psychologist I have done extensive training, research, education on learning about BPD.

And I have had two long term girlfriend both of whom were diagnosed with BPD. Both of whom when they were good, made me very happy and when they were acting out were dangerous to me emotionally, physically and financially. I had to end the relationships. It broke my heart. 


Although the Enneagram does not address BPD, understanding your loved one’s and your own Enneagram type can help a lot.  The Core Fears of your loved one with BPD when triggered will result in extreme BPD acting out. So it’s helpful to know what they are and how to avoid them. 


Counseling on your own, as a family, or with your person with BPD is all available through online coaching sessions. 


Learn how to stop reacting to the complaints, attacks and behaviors of someone with BPD

Learn how to stop taking their ‘splitting’ personally.

Learn technique to community with and calm down your loved one with BPD.

Learn what medications and therapy is most helpful to someone with BPD.

Learn that BPD is a brain developmental disorder. It is not intentional by the person with BPD. 

But with time and hard work, if they are willing, there are methods too them to begin to ‘think’ before they act, to soothe their own extreme emotional responses, and stop stop acting out the fleeing and to first think about it. 


This is no easy task. May choose to permanently end their relationships with those with BPD. Depending on the severity of their symptoms with BPD coaching you may be able to bring healing, compassion and peace to the relationship. And maybe not. It all depends. 


Learn when and how to set appropriate boundaries with someone with BPD

Based on the latest brain research you can begin to understand the internal processes of someone with BPD and learn to ‘align’ when they are ’splitting’ and guide them to a peaceful responsible choice.

Learn how to manage ‘age regression’ when your loved one with BPD acts like a helpless child. 

Learn to stop denying their reality.
learn to manage your own guilt, anxiety and stress when interacting with someone with BPD. 


Mood Cycling

Most people with BPD may have a few weeks of behaving normally. Although it’s never totally normal. During a good week, my past gf with BPD may tell me literally 100s of times a day that she loves me. Only to ‘hate me’ the next day. 


Women With BPD

BPD is a brain disorder in emotional and cognitive processing. In my experience hormones play a large role as to when a woman with BPD is likely to go over the edge and act out with extreme symptoms. It’s highly correlated to a woman’s cycle. I could map on a calendar the correlation between my GFs mood swings and her period. 


If you are in crisis and need help with decision making, just to talk to someone who understands, or you need to know the latest treatments for someone with BPD please book a BPD coaching session with me today.


There is no easy cure for someone with BPD. And due to their symptoms they often end up loosing connection with their family and friends. This puts tremendous stress and anxiety on the family and friends.

In coaching we can explore the severity of their symptoms, the type of BPD they have and I can make recommendations as to the most current interventions, supplements, medications, and therapy that might help.

Last, I’m not offering medical advice and am not a doctor. I have a masters in Counseling Psychology and extensive ongoing education and personal experience in being in relationship with someone with BPD. BPD Coaching is not a substitute for seeing a psychiatrist either for yourself or your loved one with BPD.

Feel free to contact me and to set up a BPD Coaching session. 

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