Professional Enneagram Biographies
David W. Fauvre, Enneagram Teacher

About David

David W. Fauvre, MA, is the founder of Enneagram Explorations and He is a personality expert, psychologist and an internationally recognized Enneagram author, teacher, trainer, coach and researcher.

He holds a Masters with honors in Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies.

David’s innovative and groundbreaking work has made him a thought leader in the Enneagram field. He works with businesses, families, couples and individuals.

David began his study of the Enneagram in 1990. David has conducted validated research of the Enneagram with multiple MIT PhDs.

David co-authored research studies exploring many facets of the Enneagram including; The Enneagram Instinctual Subtypes, Tritype®, Core Fears, Enneagram and Spirituality, Enneagram and Intimacy, Enneagram Lexicon Usage, Core Energetics, Archetypes, Micro Expressions and the Self-image of the 9 Enneagram Types.

David is the co-author of numerous Enneagram products including: On All Fours, Guiding The 9 Types to Change, The 27 Tritypes® Revealed, and the Enneagram Enneacards Testing Instrument.

He is co-creator of the Enneagram Professional Intensives and the Enneagram and Spirituality Intensives.

He is also co-creator and co-host of the non profit, Wave award-winning television series Types: Your Personality Revealed. He co-produced 5 TV shows covering diverse topics such as: the Enneagram Types and Core Fears, Tritype, Instinctual Types and a Roundtable of Enneagram Master Teachers.

David has presented at twelve International Enneagram Association Conferences and was an invited presenter at the Enneagram Global Summit.

David is a certified teacher with Palmer-Daniels and Riso-Hudson. His diverse backgound included studying with Condon, Jaxon-Bear, Wolinski and other Enneagram teachers across the globe.

David is a Certified teacher in The Work with Byron Katie.

David has been an invited presenter at conferences such as the International Enneagram Association Conferences since 1997.

David has conducted professional Enneagram trainings throughout the USA as well as in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Israel, Italy, Portugal, and the United Kingdom.